Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stand out!

I desire to be outstanding every day of my life everywhere I go & in everything I do - I'm sure you already know that. Well, I'd like to believe that you also desire the same for yourself (& others around you). To be outstanding, we need to "stand out" irrespective of what people around think, say or do.

Standing out starts with "standing" - I'd say that's obvious wouldn't you? We have to be courageous and take a stand for what we believe in...and that in itself means we must even know what we believe because the person who doesn't stand for anything will fall for everything. Plain and simple!

Standing and taking a stand are closely related to making a difference. Let's look at this picture that lays it out nicely for me: the pencils are all similar but not the same. If you need to write something which one will you take - hopefully the sharpened one. That's exactly what we should do in our lives - be sharp, be prepared, ready to make impact.

A blunt tool is no good in the hand of it's master...likewise we're not of much use to God and to our world if we are blunt. The Bible says: "Suppose the blade of an ax is dull. And its edge hasn't been sharpened. Then more effort is needed to use it. But skill will bring success." (Ecc 10:10 - NIRV) The truth is that you know if &when you are blunt - you don't need anyone to tell you; you know you better than anyone else. Hint: Take a look at the area(s) of your life where you're experiencing some frustration, maybe you have not upskilled yourself in order to tackle it. We talked a bit about this a fortnight ago (if you don't know what "fortnight" means, you just got an opportunity to look it up :) - this is a live example of sharpening our vocabulary).

Now you may say that you feel sharp but can't understand what the hinderances are. I suggest you get sharper. The sharper the axe the more accurate its impact.

Sometimes the challenge we have is trying to be like others - or using the methods that worked for others in our situations. If you know someone who has succeeded in an area that you feel you have been led into, if you can ask the person how they did it. Then go to our Chief Strategist who has said: "I am the LORD your God,  Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go." (Is 48:17 - NKJV) He will only be so glad to also show you the way that you should not and must not go if you really want to stand out. Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach & Abednego knew that reading was required to excel in Babylon but they also knew what they would not & must not do. That's what made them stand out. Stop trying to fit in -

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