Friday, June 15, 2018

Can you?

That is a question that comes up now and leaders we need to help those around us give the right answer.

Friday, June 1, 2018

You've got the power...

A few decades ago, I read this quote that has continued to light and even fire me up (pun intended) and this picture is definitely worth a thousand words:

I believe it is important to point out that this is a universal principle irrespective of gender. However, I'll just focus on women in this post since we are the target audience of this blog.

Lighting others up can occur in different ways. A few weeks ago I read someone's Birthday message to her father and she said: " taught me never to look down on anyone except to tie their shoes." What a powerful life lesson! Translating it means that we must never look down on any lady/woman except to "polish" their shoes. This reminded me of this quote: "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"* which I wrote** about a few years ago in a different context. 

The point here is that each of us can light up or empower others so they can pursue their dreams with passion and fulfill their purpose. A few years ago, when I volunteered as an Image Consultant with an organization that supports women***, it was amazing how taking the time to "polish the shoes" of the ladies we served made a significant impact on their confidence. A lot of them were competent but lacked confidence. Interestingly, a few weeks ago, I wrote about competence and confidence so I will not derail, feel free to read that prior post****.
Bottom-line: If you truly feel that "you've got it together"
- reach out, look down, look around and help someone else.

If you take only one thing away from this post, remember that:
Each of us has the power to #Empower others...

* Marilyn Munroe

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The best woman is W.O.M.A.N

I've been wondering if I should post something to be published today...I finally decided that since I strongly believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated, each woman deserves to be celebrated especially when she is:
Winsome - "Winsome" means "attractive or appealing in appearance or character."* So, it's not enough to look good we must be truly good to ourselves and others in our attitude, behavior and character.
Openhearted - Note that I didn't say "open-mouthed." Being openhearted means that we are candid - not candied** - when we communicate with those around us. 
Model - When I say "model" I mean that we are an example to others. The most effective way of influencing others is by the way we live our lives. Be an outstanding role model.
Authentic - Now being authentic is a real challenge for some people (pun intended). It is sad to see how many people feel that they should "fake it till they make it." For each time you are faking something, you are losing time in being your full self and/or even learning how to be a better version of yourself.
Nourishing - Interesting one right? Well, "Nourishing" means providing "food" that helps with growth. I believe that the best women in the world are those that nourish and help others grow. One sure way of doing this is by empowering others and that's why that I cannot but agree with Kofi Anan, the Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, who incidentally turns 80 in exactly a month's time (on April 8th) who said:

* Google

Can you?

That is a question that comes up now and leaders we need to help those around us give the right answer.