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Fast track to leadership

For years there has been an ongoing debate on whether leaders are born or bred - one I'm sure will continue for time to come so I won't get into it. One thing I have learned by experience is that whether you are a born or bred leader is that there is a fast track to leadership. Everyone, including me, likes a fast track - so let's go on...

Be Educated

Sometime ago I heard, or was it read, a very interesting and profound statement - though I cannot remember who said it, I cannot forget what it said to me.

If I recall correctly, it was:
"An educated man is only an educated man, an educated woman is an educated family."
It seems pretty harsh (& almost unkind) to say...wait a minute, before you "switch off", let's dissect (read between the words) &  hopefully digest it for our good...

It said at least 5 things to me: