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O.A.R? Yes oar. I'm sure that we know that an oar is "a pole with a flat blade, pivoting in an oar lock, used to row or steer a boat through the water."* But it means more than that for me.

A few weeks ago, when I thinking about  surviving crisis and the words "overcoming adversity resiliently" came to mind. You may notice that the first letter of each word spells "Oar." 

I decided to write about this because it's an important matter to discuss because adversity will come to you whether or not you are expecting it.

We expect people to overcome their adversities however, it is important for us to overcome them resiliently. 

Being resilient is the ability to withstand and/or recover (quickly) from difficult or challenging situation. Reading Robert H. Schuller's book "Tough times never last, tough people do!" published in 1983 highlights the importance of being resilient.

Jamais Cascio put it differently:
"Resilience is about being able …


What comes to mind when you hear the word: "Vibe"? Everyone gives off different vibes and I, like most of you, prefer positive vibes. There is nothing so good as being the source of positive vibes (feelings and energy) in a place - any & every place you are.

Personally, one way I succeed in doing that is by volunteering. If you ask me to define volunteering, I'd use VIBE as a acronym and say: Volunteering Is Being Empowering... 
Voluntering is all about giving of yourself to benefit they can be better.

I like the way Gillian Anderson puts it: 
"Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need."
One thing I know is that women are almost always volunteering - their time, talents, ideas, ears, hands, shoulders and even tears. We need to realize how empowering those moments…

The grass is it? - 2

Here are the other 2 things I have learned about "greener" grass - where it is grass

The grass is it? - 1

One fact that cannot be countered is that there is always a very high probability that the grass on the other side is greener. It's all about people's perception and people's perception is their reality. 
I have learned from personal experience that 2 people (even identical twins) can look at the same thing and see different things. Let's test that quickly - feel free to check with a friend/colleague too:

Servant Leadership

The Corporate world is full of buzz-words. "Servant-Leadership" is one of such buzz words that are in vogue for a period and then they fizzle out. However, Servant-Leadership is one that should not fizzle out and the reason is simple: "Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world."*

It is interesting to note that even the son of the wisest king that ever lived got this advice:
“If you will be a servant to this people, be considerate of their needs and respond with compassion, work things out with them, they’ll end up doing anything for you.”**For those of us who know the rest of the story, we'd remember that he didn't take the advice and lost the kingdom altogether. If you don't, I suggest you read the full story - see below for the source.

This principle was very clearly depicted in an article I read recently on LinkedIn titl…

Have it all?

It's been over 6 years since the article Why women still can't have it all was published. It's amazing how that phrase has sparked various conversations* since the article** with that phrase in it's title.

Let's take a step back and ask: 

"What does it really mean for any person - woman or man - to "have it all"?

Lift as you climb

A few months ago I read a very interesting article by Scott Mautz. He shared 12 valuable and value-adding nuggets. I picked 1 and recommend you read the full article:

Lift as you climb. Rising up the chain is nice. Lifting others up as you do so, with the intent to go beyond success to significance (for the impact you have on others), is better. The position you gain should be used not just to further your own, but to help others improve theirs.
And by the way, success comes back to you when you  help others achieve it.
EW: Being empowered and successful is not of much value if you do not pay it forward by empowering and encouraging others to be successful too - that's what I call "Successful Success"

I encourage you to be intentional in reaching out to and supporting others achieve their own success. The main reason why I say so is because a successful person in the midst of unsuccessful people is technically unsuccessful. Yes...  

When you think about it, you'll realiz…

Which Zone are you in?

A few weeks ago, I attended a Lunch hour session and had to park on the street. When I went to the Pay Machine, I entered the digits of the Zone in the wrong order - so had to recheck it and reenter it. The lady in line after me quipped "It's sometimes difficult to remember the number right." I smiled.

I believe that I had that experience a week before I was going to be prompted to write this post because this story came to mind as I started to write this piece. It is easy to remember numbers and things you are familiar with. Conversely, it takes an effort (sometimes it takes a stretch) to remember numbers and things you are not familiar with (as with the Parking Zone number). If it was my usual Parking Zone, it would be a place I'm 'comfortable' and I would have remembered the number easily...

L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. - (3 of 3)

Talking some more about Leadership, you may remember that I published a series of posts 2 years ago titled: L.E.A.D.E.R (see links below). 

This is the final part of Rita Balian Allen's article. Comments ingreen fontand pictures are mine.

Top Ten Competencies of Leadership (cont'd): Sense of Humor - always keep things in perspective, maintain a balanced and grounded outlook at all times, use laughter and humor appropriately as an effective stress releaser as well as team builder; smile and laugh often appreciating the positive in all situations
EWE: One area where having a sense of humour has served me well is highlighting learning and "laughing" points when something doesn't go as well as expected. It is definitely a stress reliever - and releaser. High Standards of Excellence - set a tone for high standards of excellence; display behaviors that create trust and credibility; maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty and sincerity; be genuine with your intentio…

L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P - (2 of 3)

This is the 2nd part of the article by Rita Balian Allen. Her article was really rich hence my splitting it into 3 parts.

You will notice that I have added my comments ingreen fontand added pictures too.

Two of the top Ten Competencies of Leadership: Energy, Enthusiasm and Eagerness - these 3 E’s always generate positive attitudes and optimistic thinking, resulting in high impact and motivation; this is contagious - if you embody positive energy, enthusiasm and eagerness in your everyday interactions, so will others
EWE: These 3 Es are key for engaging others so I want to dig in a bit here
- Energy - according to Google, "Energy is :the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity." The word sustained is important in life and in leadership because you do not want things to start up on a high note and just stop short of achieving the set goal(s)/objective(s).
- Enthusiasm and Eagerness are synonyms and refer to the level of interest. It is difficult to m…

L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P - (1 of 3)

Talking some more about Leadership, you may remember that I published a series of posts 2 years ago titled: L.E.A.D.E.R (see links below). Being a lifelong learner, I was curious what others thought and found this article by Rita Balian Allen (@RitaBAllen) (and yes I got her permission to share this). Interestingly, we have 2 leadership skills in common. I added the pictures and my comments ingreen font.

Top Ten Competencies of Leadership: Listening Skills - conducting and initiating dialogue that requires active and reflective listening; being attentive to what others are saying, asking good questions, obtaining accurate comprehension; focusing on the other person’s thoughts and perspectives; as well as strong interpersonal skills to maintain a productive and substantive dialogue Emotional Intelligence - effectively communicating between the emotional and rational sides of our brain; EQ can be developed and is defined in four dimensions - self awareness (self-assessment), self-managemen…

Which are you?

Manager or Leader?

Can you?

That is a question that comes up now and leaders we need to help those around us give the right answer.

You've got the power...

A few decades ago, I read this quote that has continued to light and even fire me up (pun intended) and this picture is definitely worth a thousand words:  I believe it is important to point out that this is a universal principle irrespective of gender. However, I'll just focus on women in this post since we are the target audience of this blog.
Lighting others up can occur in different ways. A few weeks ago I read someone's Birthday message to her father and she said: " taught me never to look down on anyone except to tie their shoes." What a powerful life lesson! Translating it means that we must never look down on any lady/woman except to "polish" their shoes. This reminded me of this quote: "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"* which I wrote** about a few years ago in a different context. 

The point here is that each of us can light up or empower others so they can pursue their dreams with passion and fulfill thei…

“I may not be what you are used to... you need to get used to it.”
Last year when I heard this comment from a manager (and colleague), I smiled because I could relate with it. I remember so well - as if it happened yesterday...

Should you be competent...

...or just confident?

Step up...

...don't sit back

The best woman is W.O.M.A.N

I've been wondering if I should post something to be published today...I finally decided that since I strongly believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated, each woman deserves to be celebrated especially when she is:
Winsome - "Winsome" means "attractive or appealing in appearance or character."* So, it's not enough to look good we must be truly good to ourselves and others in our attitude, behavior and character.
Openhearted - Note that I didn't say "open-mouthed." Being openhearted means that we are candid - not candied** - when we communicate with those around us. 
Model - When I say "model" I mean that we are an example to others. The most effective way of influencing others is by the way we live our lives. Be an outstanding role model.
Authentic - Now being authentic is a real challenge for some people (pun intended). It is sad to see how many people feel that they should "fake it till they make it." For each time you…