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Hip! Hip! Hi-Po!!! ... now what?

Reading this article* in The Glass Hammer, I couldn't resist sharing it with you especially after my piece on this last year (
I’ll highlight things that struck me, my comments are in purple font:

According to Harvard Business Review, companies identify 3-5% of their workforce as “High Potential.” If you have made that list, congratulations! You likely have outstanding technical expertise and an aptitude for strategic thinking. You probably have already delivered strong results, succeeded in various roles, and sought ways to improve processes and efficiency. Although making the list is an achievement in and of itself, it is only the first step. Now, as your journey as a “High Potential” begins, what steps should you take to position yourself for realizing that potential? EW: Indeed it’s one thing to “get on the list” Congrats!!! Now, how do you (plan to) stay on the list? It know how - it's actually as simp…

One resolution

Mid last year, I found out that January is Mentoring month so I decided to start off the year with a related resolution. In fact, I made this resolution a few years ago - and took action and it has continued to pay more ways than one. 
I like what Karen Dee, the President and CEO of  Fifth Third Bank (Central Florida affiliate), said about Mentoring and encourage you to make that one of your resolutions:
"Find a mentor early in your career and, as time goes on, give back by being a mentor to someone else."
I'll do my best to share mentoring tips this year - please feel free to send any other tips you know &/or have experienced to me. We can "mentor" each other on mentoring :)
Wishing you a really wonderful year ahead... invest in yourself and in others.
Don't forget to appreciate all those who have been your mentors - at one time or the other.