Sunday, March 15, 2015

'"I" comes before...

"You", or even "U", in the dictionary.'

Some time ago, I was taking quite a bit of my time to look out for others... I knew that I should and wanted to. Then when I got a "tap on the shoulder" of sorts, I reached out to one of my mentors for advice. My mentor's response was:
"Look out for yourself -
 "I" comes before "You" in the dictionary."
So Charity Shumway is spot on in this quote.

It is "easier" to take care of others even if they or the situation is challenging you.
I believe we sometimes feel that what we do for others is more visible and valuable than what we do for ourselves. Well that was where my head and heart were at when my mentor helped me make a mid course correction quickly. I remember sending opportunities that I could and would benefit from on to others for their own benefit.

As I think back to this latest instance, I realized that it isn't the first time I've almost gotten trapped by "caring for others." To be clear, we must care for others - it's the right thing to do. However, Mary Mazzer is right - if you don't care for yourself (timely or at all), sooner than later you'll not be in a position to care for others. And this is true in every area of life - health, marriage, family, career, employment etc.

So remain "in power" so you can empower.

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