Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just BE

Let me tell you a bit about how - or shall I say why - this blog got started...

Last month, God provided me with the rare opportunity of attending two Women Empowerment Conferences within an 8-day period. Knowing that the number "8" stands for a "New Beginning"* in the spiritual realm, I had to take notice of it. My husband, in his usual manner, had mentioned that I need to do something with all that's happening around me. So I'm using my God-given talents to do just that phrase or precept or paragraph or posting at a time...

The summary of what I received from all these sources was that I should "just BE." The definition of "Be" that stands out for me is: to exist, have presence, or live** Existing is quite passive but having presence and living are active words. Our presence on this earth needs to be felt and left behind when we leave..

"Be" is also an acronym for truly be we have to B.E....
Be Encouraged! Be Equipped!! Be Energized!!! Be Excited!!!!Be Empowered!!!!!

Join me on this journey... B.E. and encourage others to...
...just BE!

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