Monday, July 1, 2013


From time to time when I take a "back seat" and perform a self-appraisal, I describe myself as a BEE*
...ever busy, ever buzzing.

(I searched for pictures and liked this the best.)

So if that's how it is, I now simply ask my self to BEE - Be Efficient & Effective

Like some of you, I see a rather thin line between Efficiency and Effectiveness. 
One distinction that has stuck with me is:

Efficiency is doing the right things right
Effectiveness is doing the right things to produce the right results

To be efficient, you have to be "well organized: performing tasks in an organized and capable way"** and "able to function without waste: capable of achieving the desired result with the minimum use of resources, time, and effort."** Effectiveness takes efficiency to the next level - success in producing results.
Effective means: producing result: causing a result, especially the desired or intended result*** and producing favourable impression: successful, especially in producing a strong or favourable impression on people.***
Don't know about you, but I don't like spinning my wheels - it's definitely more frustrating than fulfilling. What the point in doing so much work only to come up with little or no results to show for it. Therefore, I constantly challenge myself to be effective. It's good to be efficient - use my time & talents and others' time & talents efficiently but great to be effective because that's what lasts.

You can't claim to be empowered if you are not efficient and effective. Are you result-oriented in all you do? Empowered Women are resolute about being result-oriented - only one option. We - yes YOU and I - have results as our goal.

This 2nd half of the year, let's continue to BEE...produce "sweet" lasting results wherever we are/go. We've got the buzz already just stay productive!

Thank you for being part of this blog - this is the 50th posting...more to come. 

* The fact that one of my husband's pet names for me inadvertently includes it confirms that I'm right :)

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