Thursday, August 1, 2013

Take it or leave it...

For christians like me, 8 is the number for "New Beginnings." So I decided the look for & share advice from other successful women like - you & I are or will become. One thing I continually say about advice is that:
Advice is just that: Advice - a recommendation not a command
so you can take it (& live it) or leave it...
I'll share 8 lovely (in my opinion) pieces of career & life advice in total - starting with 4 can read them and live by them or leave's up to you.

Anne Lynam Goddard*
President and CEO of ChildFund International, a global child development organization dedicated to helping children in poverty thrive and bring positive change to their communities
What advice would you give women who are considering a new career?
Learn as much as you can about your chosen field from every perspective. Take on jobs or responsibilities that you're not crazy about so you can learn. The more well-rounded you are in your field, the more effective you will be at work and the more attractive you will be to prospective employers. Also, as an employer and leader, I am most interested in the results people produce rather than whether they're working long hours.
What's the most important thing to remember when it comes to your personal life?
It's more important than your job! My relationships with my family are more valuable and long-lasting than any career. It's loving others and being loved in return that gives real purpose and satisfaction in life. Marry someone with the same values as you––it will make critical decisions that you need to make together so much easier.

How did you overcome your biggest career hurdle?
I once got a new boss whom I perceived had a not-so-positive impression of me that was hindering my career. So I asked him to be my mentor; he agreed and we met on a regular basis for three months. Through our discussions he got to know me much better, and when a promotional opportunity came up, he was my biggest advocate and I got the job.

Sharonda L. Britton**
Director of Marketing, Multicultural, African American and Asian, Walmart
“My best advice for women in business would be to always envision where you want to go and once you set the vision, make sure you that you find people who support that vision either who are already where you want to be, or can help you to get there.  Continue to track toward that goal and surround yourself with mentors and great leaders that will ultimately help you with your goals.”

Jan Marini*
President and CEO of skincare company Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.
What advice would you give to women who want to follow in your footsteps?
The only way that anything is ever accomplished or fully realized is by taking action. You can discuss an idea, endlessly plan and try to predetermine whether or not you will be successful, but, while it is essential to have an overall vision, focus and tenacity, reaching your goal ultimately hinges on jumping in and relentlessly moving forward.

What's the best way to stay focused at work?
Always compete with yourself, not the competition. If you’re constantly using other people as the yardstick to measure your success, you’re not putting your energy and passion where it belongs. You’re the only person who can determine how successful you will be.

How can you have a successful personal life?
Give it the respect you give to your business. If you want to be successful and joyful in your personal relationships, communicate, generously give recognition, inspire, motivate and love fiercely and with all your heart. When I am working, I am intensely focused and in the moment. When I am with my husband, I am just as intensely focused on him and enriching our relationship.

Audra Lowe***
TV Host
"Two pieces of advice ring true to me - remember that failure is a comma, not a period, and always make sure you take advice from someone who's going in the same direction you want to go in."

Now those are also great pieces of advice to remember when choosing mentors - which we'll talk about soon... 

More advice to come...


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