Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One resolution

Mid last year, I found out that January is Mentoring month so I decided to start off the year with a related resolution. In fact, I made this resolution a few years ago - and took action and it has continued to pay more ways than one. 

I like what Karen Dee, the President and CEO of  Fifth Third Bank (Central Florida affiliate), said about Mentoring and encourage you to make that one of your resolutions:

"Find a mentor early in your career and,
as time goes on,
give back
by being a mentor to someone else."

I'll do my best to share mentoring tips this year - please feel free to send any other tips you know &/or have experienced to me. We can "mentor" each other on mentoring :)

Wishing you a really wonderful year ahead... invest in yourself and in others.

Don't forget to appreciate all those who have been your mentors - at one time or the other.

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