Sunday, June 1, 2014

Behind every successful woman...

With the increase in career women, a new norm is: 

"Behind every successful woman, is a very supportive man - usually her husband."

As you know, that was one of the reasons why I was inspired to start this blog...

On Christmas Day, I stumbled on the end of Indra Nooyi's (PepsiCo CEO) speech as part of "The PepsiCo Challenge" documentary. She said something like (and I'm paraphrasing), "I've been married to the same man for 31 years, have 2 daughters and I'm here all because I did one thing right and married the right man. So marry the right man." The audience comprising mainly women applauded - hopefully in agreement not in amusement. I agreed with her because of my personal experience.

I'll share excerpts from articles about her and add my comments (in purple font):

These statements in the Mate Value article* (incidentally published on December 25, 2006) struck me: 

'What explains Nooyi's climb in the pressure-cooker world of international business? Competence, confidence and commitment, to be sure.'* 

As the corporate world becomes more competitive and organizations are "pressed" to have women in leadership positions, no woman wants to be given a position - because she's a woman. Every wise woman, wants to earn the position/promotion based on her qualifications/'s the only way to gain/retain respect.    

'And what allows her to blitz through her days? 
"I have a fantastically supportive husband," she says.'*

For me, this is my personal experience. I cannot stop appreciating my husband for all he does and says to "push" me to the next level. When you think about work-life balance, if your marriage and home are not settled, you cannot be settled at work.

Those of us who are excelling as a result of having superbly supportive husbands, should be a blessing and encourage other women around us to invest in their marriages and their careers will fall in place and flourish. If you know any women who are not yet married, give them Indra Nooyi's advice: "Marry the right man." 


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