Sunday, January 15, 2017


Today is the 15th day of the year...we have 350 days to go so a great time for a checkpoint.

I don't know about you but I start every year with several goals. This year, God has started me off on the path to achieve and exceed those goals to His glory - by providing me with more mentors. 
Last year, one of my mentors retired so I asked God for another one and in an interesting way, I attended an event for Women Leaders and met an Engineer who had just retired. I chatted with her and shared that I was looking for a mentor in a field other than mine. She found the concept intriguing; we met once and now she's accepted to be my mentor. While we're still building up our relationship, God inspired me to reach out to one manager who had retired for Career advice.

The point here is that each and every woman/person who wants to excel needs a mentor - in their field and in other fields. On the flip side, you should be available to be "found" as a mentor. Funny enough, one person has approached me to become her mentor and after a conversation with someone else not in my organization, I foresee another mentoring relationship budding.

I strongly recommend that you seek out appropriate mentor(s). Although this cartoon made me smile and is not an example to be followed, be very clear on what you want out of the Mentoring relationship - because Mentors are in our lives - and we in theirs for a reason and season.
In the remaining 350 days of the year as you work on achieving your goals, I encourage you to ensure that you are doing something to remain empowered and also doing something to empower others. 

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