Saturday, September 1, 2012

Next size please...

I'm publishing this piece today because I believe a lot of us will be getting ready to return to work (as (our) children return to school) - and we may be shopping for them and ourselves too...after all it's a Saturday.
Before I go on, a quick disclaimer: Please do not go shopping on account of this post!     The tips are relevant for whenever you go shopping which must not be immediately :)

So, one thing I'd like to recommend, if you go clothes-shopping, is pay attention to how you look in the outfit and also consider how others may "look" at/see you. I remember looking for a camisole a few months ago - when I tried my usual "size," it was quite the trial because looking in the mirror it felt like I was in a citrus "juice extractor" - yes, "pips  were popping" - indeed, it was too tight for comfort. There was no way I'd wear that so I promptly asked for the next size. The good thing about a number of stores is that they carry the same things in many sizes.

More than once*, I've talked about our dress-sense/dress-essence or better put as one word, "dressence" and it shows up more and more in articles about women who want to get ahead. The bottom line is we must always look and be professional. To be taken seriously, dress seriously - not expensively. 

The other aspect to this post is how far we reach at other thing I've heard has kept women clawing (& crawling), rather than, climbing the corporate ladder is our willingness to stretch ourselves. Too often, we want to remain in our comfort zones - I know because it happens to me from time to time. When you think about it, climbing is more of a challenge than clawing or even crawling...

I suggest we start asking for the "next size" of "chores" i.e. work...that is one way of inching our way forward and higher. It is not easy to deliberately ask for more (challenging) work - it takes determination and a desire to grow and go forward. This needs to be well-thought out so you don't set yourself up for failure & doing nothing can lead to almost being labelled a failure - we don't want either. 

Ladies, learn to ask: "Next size please." Asking for the "next size" - of clothes or "chores" - should always result in a better "you." Step out and up in style...


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