Thursday, October 15, 2015

Be inspired...

...and inspire others

Two weeks ago, when I was doing some writing for another purpose, I stumbled on this quote:

If you always hurt people with intimidations instead of encouraging them with inspirations, the world will change, but you will not be the reason for it.*

"Wow!" was my first reaction and as I thought some more about it, I thought about some notes and even FB comments and inbox messages I've received over the years and just had to share this on this particular blog.

A few years ago I read a book titled  "She Wins, You Win" by Gail King. It's one book I recommend that every female - leader or yet-to-be leader reads.

She talked about how some women inadvertently self-destroy not just themselves but others. In essence every time a woman succeeds, it gives more fuel and is a building block for another woman to succeed. Which is also the cornerstone of this blog.

Unfortunately, some women feel that they need to be masculine & sometimes mean in order to make a mark. It may be a way up but guess what, that's not the right way up...

I had a reality check on that recently; I was trying to help someone understand how competitive things are (becoming) and had to be really, really blunt and almost cutting. But I had to remind myself to be kind while being candid** - because when she succeeds, it's her Building block so I must be her Stepping Stone not Stumbling Block.

"To be inspired is great, but to be an inspiration is an honour"***
and privilege we must never take lightly - if you ask me...
so be inspired and inspire others!

* Israelmore Ayivor
*** Source unknown

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